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With all the emotional and business matters that were evident, with the death of my father, it was comforting to know that his PurpleShield policy was in place to simplify some of the business requirements.

Don Ward from Calgary, AB

… When my parents passed away we took their guide book to Eventide Funeral Home. Everything was paid and arranged ahead of time, making it easier for the family.  I would recommend a plan to everyone

Agnes McKinlay from Red Deer, AB

When my mother passed away we called the funeral home and they contacted PurpleShield and we had to arrange nothing.  It was the easiest thing ever. There was even left over money for the family.  I would recommend everyone to get a plan.

Margorie Benner from Mirror, AB

We are very pleased with Purple Shield. The payment was prompt for the funeral at Rose Garden Chapel. I recommend Purple Shield to all. The staff from Purple Shield was also excellent.

Genevieve Manton from Westlock, AB

My wife passed away recently and I was glad that we had the Purple Shield. I took the Plan Book to Pattison Funeral Home and everything was handled speedilyI’m glad I had the Plan.

Frank P. Bosch from Medicine Hat, AB

My husband and I had the PurpleShield plan a little over a month when my husband passed away.  PurpleShield came through for me when I was in a bad spot.  I really appreciated it and it was a God send at a difficult time

Diane Jackart from Blackfalds, AB

PurpleShield was a great help at the time of my Mom and Dad’s passing (Ruth & Ralph Cave).  I know their claims were paid promptly to Eventide Funeral Home.  I would definitely recommend this plan to others—that’s why Sonny and I have it.

Audrey Pittendreigh from Caroline, AB

    Leaving written instructions & setting aside adequate funds irrevocably relieves you of worry and can give you ‘peace of mind’ knowing things will be easier on your family both FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

    The plan includes a free planning guide to help insure your wishes are carried out with dignity & respect.

    Eligible for benefits at any age or health condition.
  • CASH

    Funds are immediately available to pay funeral costs at a time when your family needs it the most. NO PROBATE OR DELAY.

    The plan INCREASES with tax free interest growth to protect against inflation. Family members receive the benefits tax free.

    Excellent way to shelter money because finances cannot be touched by NURSING HOMES, LAWYERS, or ESTATE FEES.

    Flexible PAYMENT OPTIONS to suit anyone’s budget.

    Accepted by and can be transferred to funeral homes anywhere in the world.

    Optional travel coverage to protect you anywhere in the world.

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Alberta Funeral InsuranceAlberta Funeral Insurance provides specialized types of insurance programs that offer funeral funding options for final expenses. There are multiple payment plans available to everyone.  Plans are affordable for any budget and can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually over time up to twenty years.

Why have people chosen Alberta Funeral Insurance? Because it makes sense. They want to have peace of mind, be assured that their final wishes are carried out, and protect their families from financial distress.  They feel secure knowing that Alberta Funeral Insurance will be there to pay those obligations when the need arises. The goal of Alberta Funeral Insurance is simple – to provide its customers with a safe, reliable way to plan for and prepay their burial or final expenses.

Alberta Funeral Insurance – An Insurance Program That Will Protect You and Your Family!

Burial Policy InsuranceTo get your final expenses insurance quote call our Alberta Funeral Insurance Toll-Free number today to talk to Robert Pike and see how easy and affordable your plan can be. We provide burial insurance for seniors or for any age. Our funeral insurance no age limit will leave you worry free and will give you peace of mind knowing things will be easier on your family both FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

Alberta Funeral Insurance – Give Your final Gift of LOVE from YOU to your FAMILY!

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